As a life long collector and scholar of the woodwind instruments, I have amassed a large collection of wind instruments, which I keep in a building away from my home outside of Springfield, Massachusetts.  Although I am not a dealer, I have many duplicates and other specimens that no longer serve my needs.  These are offered to you for sale or better, in trade for other interesting woodwinds.

For most of these instruments, my opinion may be considered expert. You may confirm my identity as an expert on woodwind instrument history, prices and appraisal by checking out my articles in The Galpin Society Journal, the Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, Larigot, Technicom and The Double Reed.  I have received research grants in organology from the Galpin Society and from H & A Selmer, and received the Frances Densmore prize  from the American Musical Instrument Society for writing the most distinguished paper on the history of musical instruments, 2003-04.

If you want me to provide information on an instrument that you own, please send me an e-mail with photos and a complete description of the instrument, including an exact transcription of the maker’s mark.  If you want to know what it is worth, you are asking for an appraisal.  My appraisal fee is $25, which I will waive for instruments that are interesting to me or if I purchase the instrument from you.


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