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If an instrument interests you, please write me an e-mail and I will send you a full description of the instrument and a couple of photos. When you write, please tell me about yourself, about your collection and about what you plan to do with the instrument that you buy from me. Because I am not a dealer, I am not obliged to sell anything to anyone.  I want my instruments to go to “good homes”, to collectors and scholars who will appreciate them, not to wholesalers who will put them on the wall at a family restaurant.  I will not respond if you ask only for prices and I will not send photos of more than three instruments.  If you want to buy from a reputable dealer (for which you will of course pay a little more), look at the websites of Tony Bingham in London, for Wurlitzer-Bruck in New York and for Fred Oster in Philadelphia.

To purchase an instrument, after we correspond you may simply send me a check for the full purchase price.  After I cash the check, I will ship the instrument to you at my expense (within the USA). If the instrument is a collectable, you may return it only if it is not in the condition that I stated.  If it is a playing instrument, you may have three days to try it. If you do not like it, you may return it promptly for a full refund less my cost of shipping it to you.  I will process a refund after confirming that the instrument is in the same condition that it was in when I sent it to you.


Fife Milhouse No keys/boxwood/brass 1800s
Piccolo E Thibouville 6key/palissandre 19century
Piccolo JTL 5 key/ebony 19century

C Flutes:
A Lecomte palissandre 10 k  1880s  
Astor (London) One key/boxwood/iv/brass dated to1798  
Berteling NY  Black/Silver  conical Boehm var to B
Charles Juul box, Ten key 1836-45
Clair Godfrey 4613 conical Boehm
Firth Hall & Pond Albany  4 k/box, ivory 1850s
Franz Michel, Grazlitz 13 key 
Gautrot Marquet conical Boehm 1860-70s
George Cloos Ten key/blackwd/maillechort  
German, Black & Maillechort, to B, Ivory headjoint  
German, 10 key, blackwood and neusilber  
Goulding (Soho) Six key/boxwood/iv/Ag, pewter 1810s  
Potter One key fruitwood/ivory/silver   
Puissant a Auxerre palissandre 5k late 19c


Alto Flute:
Parrot, China 1980s
Db Piccolo Conn, sterling 1940s

C flutes:
Djalma Juilliot Boehm open holes to C, Ag
Cousin a Lyon 152 Boehm 19c-20c
Getzen low C, closed, 1950s
Robert/Rive a Paris 1920s open Boehm
Rudall Carte & Co 8103,  circa1950
Yamaha, Ag, low B, open, 1990s
Zuleger Early 20c


Alto Recorders:

Adler 1970s
Dolmetsch  1940s
unmarked 1970s
Von Heune A440 recorder 5067 boxwood A440

Tenor Recorders:
Dvoniche, 3 and 4 holed, Kosovar, ? date
Moeck Renaissance
Shakuhachi Japanese 1990s
Turkish rec. 1970s

Soprano Recorders:
Czakan, 6 keys, Louis Lot c.1880
Yamaha 1993

Bombarde, Couesnon, early 1900s
Metal ceremonial shawm, Tibetan, recent
Musette, A.Vion, 1875-1914, 6k
Musette, French ?1780s, box, ivory
Raita, Moroccan, recent
Shawm, Fillmore, 1930s, 2k
Shawm, Chinese  11/00
Shinnai, Indian 11/00
Soprano Shawm  ?17-18th cent


Adler (Paris) Ten key, box, ivory, brass 1830s
Anon French Ten key blackwood NiAg
B Rivest London onion 2k/boxwood/ø/br
Bauer (Prague) oniontop, 7k, boxwood,br, early 19c
Baumann (Paris) topjoint only
Buffet Jeune 1830s  Ten key, box, ivory, brass
Cahusac  straight-top, 1749-80  2k/box/iv/ Ag
Goulding  straight-top, 1799-1800  2k/boxwood/iv/Br
Milhouse  cottontop 2k box, one   ivory mt, br, 1800s
Milhouse  cottontop 2+Four key/boxwood/ø/br, 1800s


Adler 1930s
Adler 1950s
Alexander (Mainz) c. 1880
Anon ?HFMeyer Hannover, 1860-90 Thirteen key+2r
English horn Heckel 1902-14 palissandre
English horn J Zimmermann early 20century
English horn Knoft early 20c
English horn Otto Moennig early 20century palissandre
English horn, straight, German, ?rose/iv/br
Fischer 1940s 11/00
G. Rudolph Uebel system 1930s-50s
Golde (Dresden) 1832-73 
Heckel model 35f, 1924
Hermann Sauerhering, Magdeburg, Thirteen key c. 1900, Thirteen key, ebony/neusilber/ivory
Kohlert Graslitz bulb top, Weiner model 1890s
Kohlert str. top, German system, 1920s
Koster 1920s
Max Todt modified 6
Oboe d'amore, Heckel (German) 1950s
Stowasser (Budapest), 10+2
Zimmermann complex ring system,early 20c, rosewood
Zimmermann Thirteen key+2r, 1890s


Systeme 3:
Anon, rosewood
Besson circa 1880
Buffet-Crampon (no half hole plate), 1910
English Horn Gherardi Riva 1872-84
English Horn  Triébert palissandre late 19 century
English Horn Zelweiger 1890s
Ward & Sons, 1860s

Systeme 4: 
A Robert, Paris, early 20 century
Buffet-Crampon, English horn, early 20 century
CEA (Alexander, Mainz?), circa 1900
F. Delarue, low B 1900s
Joseph Buyst, Brussels 1920s
Kohler & Son, London 1881-1896
V Kohlert, French bell 1920s
V Kohlert , German bell 1920s

Barret Systeme Oboes:
English horn, Buffet-Crampon circa1920s (variant)

Systeme 5:
LaFleur "military" to Bb,  London 1862-1917

Systeme 6:
Albert, ebene
Cabart ebene/argent 1920s
G. H. Hueller, 1920s
H Dubois, 1920s (11/00)
Kohlert   1920s
Martin Thibouville Aine1890s
Pan  Am propellor wood c.1948
Rigoutat O46V ( circa1955)
Selmer palis/maill #1473, 1920s
V. Kohlert, Nickel-Silver  body and keys, 1920s


Bulgheroni "Opera" M8679 June 14, 2007
Laubin 2397 gren Aug 2005
Paul Covey 284, 1997


Buffet-Crampon blackwood Boehm, 1840-60 (2)
Buffet-Crampon rosewood Boehm, low B, 1850s
G. Carcassone (Paris) Boehm, low B, 1890s
Oboe-Sax Boston Wonder V231 metal patent C#
Oboe-Sax Roche/Malerne 1950s
Sharpe (Pudsey UK) Barret-Boehm sys 1920s (2)


Oboe (baroque) Burgess/Robinson  (p Delusse) A415 hardwood/brass 2007 
Oboe (baroque) Dalton  (p Galpin) A392 box/iv/Silver  2001
Oboe (baroque) Marc Ecochard  (p Oboe des dragons, Les Invalides, Paris) A=400  3k, box/silver   1988-90
Oboe (baroque)2k Hammer/Robinson (Saxon)A415 1999
Oboe (baroque)3k Harry Vas Dias (p Denner)1981 A415
Oboe (baroque)3k Harry Vas Dias (p Denner) Oct 2000 A415 ivory, silver
Oboe (baroque)3k Paul Hailperin (p Paulhahnr)2008 A415
Oboe (baroque)3k von Heune/Bruce Haynes (p Denner) early 1970s
Oboe d'amore. Vas Dias 2k (p Kinigsperger) A415 2007
Oboe da Caccia, Bosworth & Hammer, 2k, leathern,br, c. 1999
Tenor oboe. Moeck 1960s  A440 2k
Tenor oboe. Vas Dias 2k (p Kinigsperger) A415 1998


Ab, Ripamonte, Boehm, 1990s
D, Buffet, 261470, 1990s, gren/Ag
D, Higham 12+2, no pC#,  gold plate 1860s
F, 5 key, box&brass 1820s
F, WHall 8 key box, ivory, brass 1847-74
Schrammelklarinette in Bb, illegible, Austrian, Ten key/blk


Anon blackwood integral barrel Muller syst early19C
Anon Viennese, 19th cent,  simple systeme
Bettony Boehm 1920s metal
Buffet-Crampon 3N1 Oehler (15+5, pat C#) gren 1920s
Buffet-Crampon  16092 Boehm 1930s
Buffet-Crampon Boehm, boxwood/brass, saltspoons,  mid 19C
Buthod &Thibouville  Mlr, boxwood   ivory brass 1857-67
David (Dijon) 1836-7 rosewood integral barrel Muller syst
Eb/D, 5 key, "crown"   (?Dresden) box, horn, brass
French, mid 1800s, Muller system
French, mid 19c, Muller sys, box, maillechort
H Pourcelle, simple system 1850-1900
Kaiml Budapest 19-20 century
Martin, 1870s
Pedler 13+4, pC# 1930s, plastic
Pilloti (Milano), 1865-80, in metal, likely made by Sax
Selmer (Paris) gren  Series 9 Boehm 1964 ex Gigliotti, Moennig
Stecher Oehler grenadilla (15+4,pat C#)1890s



A&W Geib 5 key box, ivory, brass1820
Anon, gren, 10+0
Baumann Paris 5 key 1790-1820 box/iv/br
Baumann Paris 6 key 1790-1820 box/iv/br
Buffet-Crampon/C Fischer 14371 gren Boehm 1920s
Buffet-Crampon T381 paliss Boehm 1890s
Buffet (Prob. L-A Buffet)Thirteen key boxwood/iv/brass  1830s
Charles Sax Thirteen key
Clementi  6k box, ivory, Silver  1803-31
D'Almaine 6k/boxwood/iv/br
FA Uebel Oehler mid 20 c
G. Penzel NY, gren 14+4, PC#1890s
Goulding & Co box, ivory, 5 brass keys 1798-1800
Huller Graslitz Buis 6k 1890s
JTL palissandreThirteen key
Key 6 key box, ivory,  br1805-58
Lyon, all plastic, 1999
Maino e Orsi Muller gren/maillechort early 20c
Meacham 6k/boxwood/iv/br
Peloubet 8 key box, ivory,br1829-36
Vincent Puchner Grazlitz Oehler mid 20c
Whitaker  6k/boxwood/iv/brass dated1819
Whitely  Utica box/ivory/brass   5 key 1810-54


A Robert 4273 ?preWW1?Buffet-Cr 1035 Boehm, gren/ni, 1920
American Standard Boehm gold lacq p1940
Anon, gren, Full Boehm to Eb 1920s?
Anon, gren 12+2, pat C# ca 1910
Bilton Boxwood/Iv/Brass Muller 1826-56
Buffet-Crampon 406581 R13 Boehm, gren, Silver  1995
Bundy plastic Boehm 1970s
Bundy plastic Mazzeo 1960s
Conn(Worcester)14+5, patC#,plastic1890s
E Albert, 12+2
E Albert, 13+2, PatC#
E. LaRue plastic Boehm mid 20c
Geo. Wood (London) 8k box,   ivory ,br1855-58
Gautrot (Paris) Thirteen key  box 1845-84
Guy Humphrey, metal Boehm, Silver  plated 1920s
H Farny blackwood Albert
J Albert plateau keys 1920-50
M DuPont, gren, 13+4, pat C# early 20c
Mahillon (Bruxelles) Thirteen key   box 1836-1930
McIntyre Sys. gren 1960s
Pan American/Conn  Boehm propeller wd ca1948
Pedlar, gren, Boehm late 1930s
Penzel-Mueller, metal double walled Boehm 1899-1950
Schreiber 1988-90 clear lucite Boehm
Schreiber 1988-90 clear lucite German
Selmer Boehm, extra Bb k, gren late 1950s
Selmer Full Boehm, to Eb, gren late 1950s
Selmer Super Albert gren/Silver  K series 1920s
Thibouville Thirteen key box/ivory/brass 1880
Verhasselt (Bruxelles)Thirteen key  box, integral bbl 1840-53



Albert, plateau k, gren, Boehm
Buffet 22121, gr/Ag, Boehm 1938
Buffet, 778E, gr/Ni, Boehm, early 20c?
Conn 13+2, patC#   plastic 1907
Fleishmann Baden 5 key ca 1793
Gilmore, 12+2, pat C#, rosewood 1880s?
Isadore Lot 1890s
Rudall Carte, 12+2, rosewood late 19century
Selmer, plateau k, gren,Full Boehm to Eb 1920s
Wunderlich gren German system 1930s



C, Bb  & A, Buffet-Cr, No Serial#s, 13+4, gren/Silver  (C, A), gren/maill (Bb), integral case stand,1890s.
C, Bb  & A, Franz Michl, No Serial#s, 14+4, gren/maill, integral case stand,1881-1937
Bb & A, Boosey, Clinton Sys14+3, pat C#, gren, 1890s
Bb & A, Buffet-Cr L971, N359 13+2, 13+4, rollers; pa C#s, 1890s
Bb & A, EJ Albert, Clinton system late 19c

A bass to Eb, Selmer D5499,  circa1995
Bassett horn  Buffet-Cr Professional 21999, gren/Ag, 1989
Bb Bass Albert to E, E Albert 1880s
Bb bass (23k to D,DR, pC#) 1920s Prob Buffet
Bb Bass Buffet-Cramp SN?566 or 4-566, Boehm to E, DR,  gren, 1920s or 1940s.
Bb Bass to E, Cabart, Boehm DR, palis.1920-30s
Bb bass to Eb, Paul Gerard (?Selmer)
Bb contrabass LeBlanc Boehm, metal, to D 1950s B-N
Eb alto Buffet-Cr 9720 (18+2,DR, pC#)  gren/maill,1920s
Eb contrabass, Selmer 1960s
G alto (12+2, pat C#) Roxol (str. form)

Bb soprano, 32194, range B-Eb, brass, 1867
Bb tenor, 13097 to B,1854-5, brass (earliest tenor Saxophone documented)
Bb tenor, 39116, to B,1876, silver 
Bb tenor, A Sax et cie, serial 984 (bell) 12387 (body), c.1928, ? Made by Selmer, lacquer
Bb tenor, A Sax Fils, 1890s, lacquer, to Bb
C Tenor, Rue Dunkerque (1880s)
Eb alto, 11659, to B, brass
Eb alto, 16k series, to B, brass, 1855-6
Eb alto, 21494, to B,1861 brass
Eb alto, 33304, to B,1868 nickel plate
Eb alto, 37478, to B,1870 nickel plate
Eb alto, Rue Myrha 460
Eb baritone  22126, brass, to B, 1862
Eb baritone  22201, nickel, to B, 1862

C soprano Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA), 1923 Au 136885
Eb sopranino Couesnon (Paris) 35603,1927 Silver keys, hi Eb
Eb sopranino Paul Buescher, (Paris) curved
Eb sopranino, Selmer, (Paris) 293227 F#  lacquer 1979
Eb sopranino Triébert, (Paris) identical to Couesnon


Associaton Générale Ouvriers Reunis (Paris) 1885-1905 double 8ve to B, brass
Buffet (Paris) 1860s serial 4365, to B, brass, double 8ve
Dolnet Lefevre Pigis pre 1890
Gautrot Marquet (Paris) 1875-84 double 8ve to B, nickel plate
Union de la Facture Instrumentale (Paris) 1880s? double 8ve to B, brass


Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 8193  to Eb, straight, double 8evs
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) curved 1913,  33577, HP ex Benade, Silver keys
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) curved 25149 1913, Silver keys, DN
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) curved 25155,  1913, Silver keys, DN
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) curved 51588,  1919, Silver keys/silver body with gold bell, FN
Harmony (NOT Conn)(Elkhart, IN, USA) 1917 171081, Silver 
Pan Am (Conn)(Elkhart, IN, USA) 1920? P39329, Silver keys/silver body with gold bell
Yanagisawa, (Japan) lacquer double neck, F# 1988
Zuleger (Vienna) B870 1950s


Anon,(after Sax)
Buffet-Crampon (Paris) Silver 5060 1870s db 8ve, low B
Cecil Leeson/LeBlanc (Paris) Semirationale 701  
Cecil Leeson/LeBlanc (Paris) Semirationale 1365
Couesnon (Paris) 26642 db 8ve
Dolnet Lefevre Pigis db 8ve 
Buffet-Crampon (Paris) brass 1860s db 8ve, low B 1254
H Corti (Paris) double 8ve
Lecomte (Paris) 1870s d8ve, low B, Silver keys
Raymond DuBois (Paris) 248840 1922-25 Silver keys
Selmer 12324 lacquer 1930
Selmer (Paris) Modele 22 #1243, 1922  lacquer
Selmer (Paris) Modele 26 #6280 Silver keys
Selmer Super (Paris) 80-2, F#, Silver  585190,  circa1998
Selmer Super (Paris) 80-2 553471 c.1997 lacquer
Vito (Paris) 1970s, "Le Rationnale" model


Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA) Straight Alto 202634 c. 1926, Silver keys
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 80K, gold with engraved animals
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 92698 Silver  1922
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 115454 Silver keys/silver body with gold bell, 1924
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 1960s, plastic key guard
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 1904  HP, D8 8516 Silver keys, low Bb, lacquer
Grafton (London) 12396 (plastic) 1950s
King (Cleveland) 81706, 1925, Silver keys
King (Cleveland) 106790, 1926, Silver keys 
Martin "Typewriter" (Elkhart, IN, USA) 100677,  circa1930
PanAm (Elkhart, IN, USA) 44836 Silver keys/silver body with gold bell,  1920s



Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA) 88823, 1922 Silver keys
Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA) 94248, 1922 Silver
Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA) 118457, 1923 brass
Buescher (Elkhart, IN, USA) 131071, 1923 Silver keys/silver body with gold bell
Conn (Elkhart, IN, USA) 99852 Ni SN
JTL, (French) double 8ves, low B
Pan Am (Conn)(Elkhart, IN, USA) P26800 brass


Buffet, double octave keys,  brass,  serial 6259 1875-85
Buffet, lacquer, Powell system
Evette-Schaeffer, double octave keys, brass,  extra keys early 20c
LeBlanc/Cecil Leeson, SemiRationale, serial 641
Selmer serial 172299, Mark 6, hi F# 1969
SML, serial 470,  1930s


Buescher 194521, 1927, silver
Conn M229909 1929 silver with gold bell
Holton 5391, 1908 silver with gold bell
Rampone 1920s, double octave keys


Eb baritone  Conn, High Pitch, Double octave keys, range to Eb, serial 9186, before1895, Lacquer with Silver keys
Eb baritone  Conn, range Bb-Eb serial 129201, 1925  bright nickel plate
Eb baritone, Halary/Sudre (Paris) 1870-90
Eb baritone, Millereau (Paris) 1865-70
Eb baritone Selmer cigar cutter range Bb-F  11237 1929 Lacquer
Bb bass, Pan American (Conn) pre-1920 serial 10331 Silver 


Anonymous ? Czech 1840-60s 8 key, brass bell
Anonymous (French style) 16k
Anonymous ? German, circa 1860 13 key
Buffet-Crampon  French Jancourt  system 1910
Buffet-Crampon  French Jancourt  system  circa1900
Buffet-Crampon  French Jancourt  system  circa1900
Carl Fischer German system early 20c
George Wood (London) 9 key
Heckel before 1843
Isidore Lot French systeme 1860-1886
Mahillon French system Circa 1880
Mahillon French Systeme late 19 century
Savary (Paris) 5 key
Savary (Paris) Ten key
Schreiber German system 1970s
Triébert (paris) before 1840


Bb soprano Rothophone, Bottali (Milano)1910s
Bb bass Sarrusophone, Gautrot (Paris)1860s
Bb bass Sarrusophone, Higham (Manchester) 1870s
Bb soprano Sarrusophone, Orsi (Milano)1980s
Bb tenor Rothophone, Bottali (Milano)1920s
C soprano Rothophone or Sarrsophone, Conn, 1920s
Contrabasse ad anchia, Hawkes (UK) 19th century
Contrabasse ad anchia, Orsi (Milano) 1870s
Eb alto Rothophone, Bottali (Milano)1920s
Eb contrabass Sarrusophone, Conn (Elkhart) 1920s
Eb contrabass Sarrusophone, Couesnon (Paris)1923



Hohner-Sax (toy Sax) 1920s
Mello-Sax 1920s, rubber strip not intact
Octavin, unmarked 13 keys+2 rings 1920s
Tarogato anonymous early 20 century
Tarogato Joszef Borka 10 keys, crudely made, 1970
Tarogato "SB71" 13 keys 2 rings, early 20 century


Bb Bass Rotary Trumpet Lidl, Brno 1895-1948
Bb Cornet, Boosey & Hawkes 2072, 1990s
Bb Cornet, Buescher, shepherd's crook, lacquer, 16819, 1907 
Bb Cornet, Conn Director C86262, 1970s
Bb Cornet, Courtois, silver 1870s
Bb Cornet, F Besson, brass 1880s
Bb Echo Cornet, J Higham. Silver 1870s
Bb Piston Bugle (Fluegelhorn), Hirshbrunner/Germany
Bb Piston Bugle (Fluegelhorn), Reynolds (Abilene TX)/Hug & Cie, Basel 
Bb Rotary Trumpet F. Leukhauer, Praha 19th century
Bb Trumpet, Bach 1950s
Bb Trumpet, FK Grazlitz (Reidl?), hexagonal valves, octagonal bell
Bb Trumpet, Holton "Maynard Ferguson" model, 883436, silver
Bb Trumpet, Selmer, 1950s
F Rotary Trumpet J. B. Gressner Kraslice 19th century



3-Valve Bb TenorTrombone, Besson 1915 
3-Valve Bb TenorTrombone, L-form, Rousseau, Bruxelles, 1934-50
3-Valve F BassTrombone, Fr Psaruk/Boroslav, brass
4-Valve Bb TenorTrombone, L-form, Steemans 3212, Bruxelles, 1880-99 
4-Valve Bb TenorTrombone, Stanislaw Brazda, Pilsen 1908-38 
4-Valve F BassTrombone, Bohland & Fuchs, Grazlitz 1870-1945
Bb Tenor Slide Trombone, Cavalier
Bb Tenor Slide Trombone, floral bell, Holton 
Bb Tenor Slide Trombone with F attachment, Bach, slide by Shires, ex Chicago Symphony 
Soprano Slide Trombone in Bb, J H Phillips, c. 1900, Brass


Bb Bass Saxhorn Wahlen 1880s
Eb alto Helicon, Wurlitzer (Cincinnati  OH) ca 1900
Eb Alto Saxhorn  Besson 480286 silver, case, mouthpiece, lyre, recent 
Eb Alto Saxhorn LeComte/Sax license 1860s
Double-belled euphonium, Buescher circa 1920
Double-belled euphonium, Conn 1917


Bass Drum, Slingerland, 36 inch with stand, case
Crash Cymbals, Sabian 16 inch
Crash Cymbals, Sabian 20 inch 
Crash Cymbals, Zildjian 18 inch 
Snare Drum, Ludwig, with stand, case
Suspended Cymbal, Zildjian
Triangle, Grover, brass, 8 inch


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